About us

Our carpentry idea includes one of the values of Romanticism, such as the discovery and the appreciation of the past, enriched by innovative ideas that always impress our customers.

Since 1995 we’ve believed in the warmth of emotion instilled by the wood and now, more than ever, our vision is to make you feel emotions that only this material can give.


''When I was asked to explain what woodworking meant to me and my son, I said that we definitely felt like we were floating on the clouds, a unique experience   and feeling, it’s love, isn't it? Changing it, recognising it, describing it, working it...until you can feel its scent''


Clipper Warehouses are elegant clipper expositor that replaces classics unaesthetics expositor and shelves. Every single Warehouse is designed not only for collectors but also for people who love to combine practicality with elegance in one single product for every home, it's not a simple expositor, it's fashion, it's desing!

The entire construction with all stages of production is carried out with manual processing by us, in our family carpentry, each stage is carefully revised to obtain a quality product.

We have created  product that combines elegance with timeless classic design, at the same time practical and comfortable suitable for everyone's needs, adding to all our love for what is more than a job, it is our passion.