We are a family of artisans specializing in the highest quality woodworking, and now more than ever our vision is to give you the excitement that only this material can provide.

Since 2020 we have specialized in producing custom Showcases to best collect your Clipper lighters, adding to the mix our love for what is more than a job, our passion.


Showcase 3.0

The height of luxury and elegance in the world of displaying collections. This third evolution of our Showcase series takes a leap forward in combining functionality and prestige.

Clipper WareHouses

100% precious wood

Clipper WareHouses

100% Customizable


The fir wood is considered an ecological, light, practical material but of a very high resistance. Thanks to its versatility, treatments can be made on fir wood used to change its appearance or embellish it.


The zebrano wood gives a significant visual and aesthetic impact, thanks to its evident veins that vary from tree to tree. Few woods like zebrano reflect the qualities of fashion.


It is one of the most spectacular shady trees in the rainforest. Its color is inimitable. Over time, its surface becomes darker, a brown or burgundy shade appears.


It's very precious wood.

It has a dark color, with shades tending to purplish and black.

It is recognizable by the scent that smells of wood, fresh and ancient, of something that remains: it's a wood of great value, which cannot be imitated in any way.


Our products are made exclusively of the highest quality precious wood and are handmade by us. 100% of the production is carried out in our family-owned joinery, which has stood out nationally and internationally for passion expertise and craftsmanship for more than 25 years.


Our customers number over 10.000 and they are not just Italians, French or Germans... They come from all over the world. That's right, you got it right: for years now we at Clipper WareHouses have been shipping our products worldwide, with the mission of bringing 100% italian craftsmanship to the whole world.


''Trebbi Joinery'' is not just our company, it is our family.We have been working with precision, dedication and above all love for our products for over 25 years. Thanks to our customised Showcases made of precious woods, we have succeeded in merging work with passion, for the third consecutive generation.

Handmade with love

Each of our creations is entirely handmade using the finest woods

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