CWH® - Barbie - Clipper WareHouses
CWH® - Barbie - Clipper WareHouses
CWH® - Barbie - Clipper WareHouses
CWH® - Barbie - Clipper WareHouses
CWH® - Barbie - Clipper WareHouses
CWH® - Barbie - Clipper WareHouses

CWH® - Barbie

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Clipper Warehouse - Barbie is an elegant clipper expositor that replaces classics unaesthetics expositor and shelves. Every single Warehouse is designed not only for collectors but also for people who love to combine praticality with elegance in one single product for every home,  it's not a simple expositor, it's fashion, it's desing!



The entire construction with all stages of production is carried out with manual processing by us, in our family carpentry, each stage is carefully revised to obtain a quality product.


Clipper WareHouse - Barbie is entirely made of fir wood, light and practical but of a very high resistance. Its aesthetic beauty is defined first of all by the characteristic variations of natural colors that always offer a very fascinating chromatic expression and to which are added the typical decorative twisting effects of the veins, all characteristics that make each product a unique piece.


In conclusion, we have created  product that combines elegance with timeless classic design, at the same time practical and comfortable suitable for everyone's needs, adding to all our love for what is more than a job, it is our passion.

Clipper WareHouse - Single is made up of a plan that can hold up to 36 Clippers
Technical data: Height 22 cm, width 26 cm.
Clipper WareHouse - Double is made up of two floors that can hold up to 72 Clippers
Technical data: Height 38 cm, width 26 cm.
Clipper WareHouse - Triple is made up of three floors that can hold up to 108 Clippers
Technical data: Height 54 cm, width 26 cm.


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